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20 Things To Reconsider For Your Wedding

According to David’s Bridal, borrowed wedding traditions are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Nearly 4 in 5 (79%) brides say they have a wedding tradition they wish they could do away with. How about reconsidering these? Read More

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How to Get Out of a Wedding Alive (for Guests and Brides)

Kate Carraway at has written a funny and spot-on survival guide for both brides and guests when it comes to weddings. I promise, you will enjoy… Read More

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What Does The Bridal Party Do?

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Q: What does the wedding party actually do?

A: The honor attendant is usually a close friend or family member who not only organizes and hosts a shower for the bride, but also helps her get ready on the wedding day. She wears a dress that she usually pays for, which matches or Read More

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Bride Wars

Bridal Shows (for the bride) 101

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After the congratulatory remarks have subsided, it’s time to turn your wedding dreams into reality. There’s much to be done, from booking the hall to buying the gown to scheduling the photographer. With all the tasks at hand, a bride should look to the experts for advice getting started. Read More

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The Planning Part Can Be Special, Too

The process of planning a wedding involves making a multitude of decisions that can wear you down mentally and physically. In a New York Times article about “decision fatigue,” the authors explain how making choices requires the same mental energy we use for willpower against eating too much, drinking too much, etc. Without pacing yourself, your wedding planning experience  can leave you exhausted ineffective, and maybe unable to act at all.

But there are some strategies you can use to stay sharp and involved so you can plan the perfect event that fits you.

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It Really IS All About You

I attended the funeral of a dear friend a few weeks ago and, after it was over, I realized that those of us who attended had received a blessing from him. Thanks to his thoughtfulness, I learned more about him during that sweet celebration of his life than I ever did while he was alive.

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10 Things to Consider When You Take it Outside

With North Central Washington as your setting, it’s hard NOT to move your wedding outside. But even though we can boast “300 Days of Sunshine,” there are details to consider if you want your scenic wedding to be perfect. Read More

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Why Use Good Manners?

I used to hate it when my mother told me to use good manners. “Remember who you are and where you are,” she would say. It was the 70s and we hated all kinds of tradition. Etiquette rules seemed like a lame holdover from the Victorian era with no real reason for existing in the modern era. But I soon learned two important things about using proper etiquette: Read More

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Who Pays for the Wedding and How Much?

In just the past month, I have had two separate conversations with family members involved in weddings and the hard feelings oozing from them broke my heart. What was supposed to be a happy celebration left them with bad juju that will last a lifetime. Being taken advantage of has a way of sticking with a person.

And it didn’t have to be that way.

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Best Wedding Movies Ever?

In an interview on NPR with Bradley Cooper, star of “The Hangover” movies, he was asked why the original buddies-in-Vegas film was so popular with female audiences. He explained, “Well, the whole point of the story is to get the guy to his wedding on time.” So true. Who doesn’t love a good “I’m getting’ married in the morning” story?

Last month, just in time for the release of the hilarious “Bridesmaids,”  Entertainment Weekly announced their readers’ favorite wedding movies. Can you guess which ones topped the list? Read More

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